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Following Dataxis' latest research, the total number of mobile SIMs in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is forecasted to exceed 1 billion by 2023, from around 800 million in 2017. This growth follows the steady increase observed in the SSA mobile market for many years and will mainly be driven by the internet enabled SIMs. Among them, [...] Read more 9 May, 2018

Although the total installed base of mobile lines is decreasing, most of the key indicators like revenues, postpaid and 4G of the market are progressing. According to Dataxis, the mobile installed base is 685.7 million, representing a decrease of 0.5% since 2016 and the figures deduce a penetration over population of 108.7%. A clearest perspective [...] Read more 18 Apr, 2018

According to Dataxis latest research, as at 2017, Latin America reached 18.2 million of active paid account subscribed to a Video on Demand OTT service (S-VoD). This means an annual increase of 29.8%. Such volume is equal to 25.2% of the total fixed broadband accesses, which indicates it has more room to growth.

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Dataxis’ latest research highlights the steady rise expected in Pay TV numbers in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). While TV penetration will continue to grow to reach around 46 % of total households, Pay TV offers are forecasted to increase their reach in African homes with more than 37 million subscribers in 2023.

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