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Digital Pay-TV continues to expand in Latin America. According to Dataxis, by 2016 digital TV was up to 85% of total TV subscribers and is expected to reach 94% by 2022, thus, making analog Pay-TV increasingly marginal. Growth is driven by the progression of DTH, a 100% digital technology currently used by 50.8% of the […]

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Following Dataxis research, the Pay- TV subscribers in Latin America is expected to reach 73.7 million at the end of 2017, which represents a rise of 3.4% compared to the year 2016.  The Pay- TV market in Latin America still shows room for further growth but expectations for the medium term are moderate. According to […]

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The latest research conducted by Dataxis highlights the steady rise of mobile internet connectivity in Africa. 4G mobile subscribers are expected to reach 296 million by 2022 compared to 24 million for 2016. Dataxis forecasts that 4G network will be accessible in all 54 countries.

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Following latest research conducted by Dataxis, 314 million of TV households received TV signal via Free-to-Air satellite which represents 18% of the worldwide TV households. FTA satellite distribution is becoming more and more important and Dataxis forecasts that this ratio will reach 20% in 2021.

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