According to the latest research conducted by Dataxis, the mobile market in Latin America will reach 90% of 4G penetration over the total voice and data lines in 2022 compared to 21% registered at the end of 2016.

The development of the LTE network is not homogeneous across that region, 4G adoption in some countries is strong adoption whereas in Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, the penetration rate is still below 10% and El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua registered only 5% of 4G penetration.

Uruguay is by far the most advanced country with a penetration rate of 50% for the year 2016. Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico complete the leading group, surpassing the average rate of 4G adoption in the region. These countries have the greatest coverage and users are equipped and willing to adopt this technology.

Beyond the differences in the development of the 4G network, general growth is expected in all the countries of the region, gradually wiping out the 2G in the first half and 3G in the second half. According to Dataxis research, 4G penetration will reach 35% in 2017 and forecast more than 90% penetration rate in 2022 with the expected launch of 5G network.


Camille Dupont