The US music streaming market is booming, dominated by a few undisputed platforms

The US music streaming market has been facing a tremendous growth since 2015, both in terms of usage and revenues. From a relatively small $2 billion market value five years ago – mainly dominated by Spotify and Pandora at that time – the US music industry has almost quintupled to reach more than $10 billion in 2020, taking both subscription revenues and advertising revenues into account.

Despite this fast-paced growth, very few new entrants have managed to secure a significant share of the market. In fact, among the overall 20 major services currently operating in the US, more than 15 were already well implemented in their segment five years ago.

What has changed dramatically however is the growth dynamic between premium and freemium offers: over the last three years, the number of premium subscribers in the US grew almost five time faster than the number of freemium monthly active users.

Research highlight

At the end of 2020, the major actors on the subscription market were Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music, while Pandora remained the undisputable dominant actor on the freemium market.

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