What can we learn from the US OTT market in 2023?

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
17:00 CET
20 mins

Discussion Topics

End 2022, the introduction of ad-tiers by Disney+ and Netflix drew serious attention from all the media industry stakeholders. Several months later, can we say that this strategy is paying off?

Senior Market Analyst Guillaume Perrin will look at the overall situation of the OTT market in the US. This presentation will also analyze the launch of Max, the growth (or not) of vMVPDs, and will focus on sports-centric platforms.

  • The results of the the main media conglomerate’s streaming platforms (WBD’s Max, Disney, Comcast’s Peacock)
  • Will ad-tier plans become unavoidable to remain attractive in the streaming industry?
  • How are some cable operators ditching their own pay TV platform in favor of OTT services?
  • Focus on sports-dedicated OTT platforms (ESPN+, MLS Pass, Youtube TV NFL Sunday Ticket)


Guillaume Perrin

Senior Market Analyst


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