Latin America: how to keep growing in SVOD after reaching 100 million accounts?

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
18:00 CET
20 mins

Discussion Topics

The SVOD market in Latam is dominated by international groups: the top 5 accounts for 88% of the accounts. Netflix is the leader in the region but has been losing market share in the last three years. During 2022 it defined some strategies to improve its competitiveness at a global level: a tier Ad and a penalty for sharing accounts. Freemium plans are not going as fast in Latam, but charging extra users seems to have had good results in the second quarter. The other main competitors are not growing as fast either. Can Netflix’s formula work for the others?

  • Analysis of the strategies of the main SVoD groups in Latam.
  • Is SVOD ARPU out of range in Latam?
  • Is the SVOD market saturated and can AVOD / FAST seize the opportunity?


Carlos Blanco

Senior Market Analyst


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