5G takes off in Latam, but will it have enough power?

Wednesday, January 24, 2024
16.00 CET
20 mins

Discussion Topics

In Q3 2023, Latam’s mobile ARPU achieved a year-on-year improvement of 11% and exceeded $7. Despite this big jump, it is still a low revenue indicator both in historical terms and in view of the challenge of implementing 5G. During the Insight we will analyze the pace of growth of 5G: is it lagging behind the deployment times of 4G? We will also analyze the last six spectrum auctions: what are the parameters guiding prices?

  • Forecasts to 2028: when will 5G technology gain scale?
  • The dynamics of the 4 main countries driving 5G
  • What to expect from the upcoming spectrum auctions?
  • The emergence of new players or the withdrawal of some historic ones


Carlos Blanco

Senior Market Analyst


Sa Eva Nébié

Head of Research


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