Navigating the evolving OTT landscape in MENA: what conclusions can be drawn crossing Dataxis 2023 survey and industry insights?

Thursday, January 25, 2024
11:00 CET
20 mins

Discussion Topics

At the end of 2023, MBC’s IPO unfolded against the backdrop of a highly dynamic entertainment market in the MENA region. Despite the prevailing dominance of pay OTT, the development of FAST and AVOD platforms reflects a strategic response to the complex tapestry of consumer behaviour and to the diverse socio-economic dynamics in the Middle East. Considering the distinctive cultural landscape and economic complexities inherent to each country in the MENA region, the question arises: Is one model more suitable than another? This webinar aims to scrutinize consumer habits revealed in the Consumer MENA survey (Dataxis’ survey on video consumption habits in MENA), and leveraging insights from the latest market trends to provide informed forecasts for the future growth of the market.

Discussion topics:

  • M&A & IPO: a more than dynamic market
  • Overview of the consumer MENA survey results (Dataxis’ survey on video consumption habits in MENA)
  • Analysis of AVOD and FAST growth
  • What are the outlooks for the next 5 years?


Lea Zouein

Market Analyst


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