Sports Leagues and Teams: The new challenges of TV and OTT distribution

Thursday, June 23, 2022
16.00 CET
30 mins

Discussion Topics

More and more sports clubs and leagues are looking towards digitization of their content to reach a greater audience, better engage with fans by delivering compelling non-live content, and ultimately increase their revenue streams. Rights owners are expanding towards a broader distribution of their games beyond traditional linear broadcast, by launching their own OTT service, offering an optimised user experience and building a direct relationship with viewers.

This session will be the opportunity to fully understand the figures, datasets and overall approach deployed by Dataxis to analyse the strategies implemented by sports rights owners offering Football, Basketball or Formula 1 content.

Sports OTT and TV markets can now be understood and analysed by the use of Dataxis figures:

Sports Distribution

  • Premium Sports Distribution
  • Sports Channel Reach
  • Sports Broadcasting Rights

Sports Leagues and Teams

  • Sports Leagues and Teams revenues
  • Sports OTT tracker
  • Sports Social Media



Matthieu Danicourt

Global Business Development Executive


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