Generate Leads & Engage your Targets

Dataxis offers marketing services to generate leads and engage your targets:

  • White papers to spread your expertise and build a better brand image
  • Daily online news and advertising banners services
  • Email blasts

White Papers

Disseminate your expertise and build a better brand image


A 5-10 page white paper provided by the sponsor. The document will be hosted on Dataxis' websites and can be downloaded upon registration.


The white paper will be hosted for 3 months on the relevant websites: Dataxis, Nextv News international & regional and our newsletters. It will be promoted to 30,000 contacts through email blasts.

Advertising Banners

Promote your brand globally on one of the world's leading TV, OTT, Media and Entertainment industries.

Ad banners appear on all Nextv News international and regional websites.

Ad banners also feature in daily newsletters sent to our subscriber database.

Our specialists can make recommendations on banner design and calls to action to guarantee maximum commitment.