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February 2023

Canada broadband reach by province

The addition of Canada broadband by country allows Dataxis users to grasp the Canadian internet market in its entirety. All operators are covered through the following indicators:

  • - Access technology by operator: cable, DSL, Fiber, Fixed wireless (FWA);
  • - Household reach, population reach, housing unit reach;
  • - Network location by operator;

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February 2023

TV channels' package and price

The module TV channels' package and price provides extended information on broadcasters' distribution strategies and composition of packages. The indicators' list include:

  • - TV channels' distribution by operator, package and country;
  • - TV package prices evolution;
  • - Package composition by genre and subgenre;
  • - Monthly evolution.

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February 2023

10G+ forecasts

The module dedicated to broadband 10G+ forecasts will provide an extended analysis of upcoming internet market trends. Through 10-year forecasts the datasets will include for each country:

  • Broadband subscribers by telecom operator and technology
  • 10G+ subscribers evolution
  • 10-year forecasts

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January 2023

HD/4K TV by operator

HD/4K TV subscriber figures are now tracked by operator, with details depicting:

  • SD/HD/4K enabled subscribers by pay TV operator
  • Penetration of each definition standard in operator's base
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Yearly history from 2015.

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January 2023

Consumer cloud Storage

The Consumer Cloud Storage module includes, with details by country and by actor:

  • Total revenues by cloud storage provider
  • Active accounts, monthly active users, subscribers by provider
  • Telecom operators' partnerships with cloud storage providers: launch date, partnership, subscribers
  • Breakdown by country
  • Yearly history from 2018

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