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Jan 2022

Smart TV by OS

Smart TV installed base figures split by OS (operating system) are now available on Dataxis’ platform. The figures, including platforms such as Tizen, Android TV, webOS, Vidaa or Roku among others, allow users to deepen their understanding of smart TV products’ penetration, market features and precise installed base in each country covered worldwide.

The module offers the possibility to rely on a range of indicators including:

  • Smart TV users: installed base by OS
  • Market share by OS and by country
  • Quarterly history from 2014

Jan 2022

Devices sales revenues

Devices sales revenues figures have been published on Dataxis’ database, with details by country and device. Sales revenues and average selling price (ASP) are tracked from 2014 for the following devices:

  • TV sets: Flat TV, HD-ready TV, 4K TV, Smart TVs
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Computers

Jan 2022

Sports broadcasting rights

Top-tier sports competitions’ rights holders and rights value can now be consulted on Dataxis’ database. Formula 1 and European soccer leagues are covered from 2015 through the following indicators:

  • Sports broadcasting rights value by competition (Formula One and European soccer leagues)
  • Evolution of rights holders by country (pay TV operators, OTTs, broadcasters)

Jan 2022

Unique clients and total 4P revenues by operator

Through the tracking of unique customers and total consumer revenues, the existing multiplay module provided by Dataxis is supplemented with datasets allowing a full understanding of operators’ extensive positions in the TV, fixed and mobile telecommunications markets.

The additional KPIS include, with a history from 2014:

  • Fixed revenues (pay TV, fixed broadband, voice)
  • Mobile revenues
  • Fixed revenues (pay TV, fixed broadband, voice)
  • Total consumer revenues (including pay TV, fixed broadband, voice and mobile)
  • Fixed ARPU
  • Consumer ARPU

Dec 2021

Dataxis has just released data for 2021 Q3

Dec 2021

Pay TV forecasts by operator

The existing market forecasts available on Dataxis’ platform have been consolidated following the addition of pay TV projections with details by operator. Users will now be able to thoroughly grasp the expected evolution of market structure and power balance between pay TV stakeholders.

The module covers the following indicators:
  • Subscribers, revenues, ARPU
  • Satellite, Cable, IPTV, Terrestrial, MMDS, OTT Pay TV, AppTV
  • Yearly history from 2014 with 5-year forecasts

Sept 2021

Forecasts 2026 have been published

2026 forecasts have been published in the following modules:

  • TV distribution
  • TV networks revenues
  • Broadband and fixed lines
  • Mobile
  • OTT and video
  • Devices installed base
  • Advertising
  • Radio and podcasts
  • Newspapers and magazines

Sept 2021

Advanced set-top box installed base by middleware

The module covers the evolution of the advanced set-top box installed base of all pay TV operators in Europe, Latin America, North America and APAC, with details by middleware (Android TV, RDK, Linux, Roku and Apple). The volume of subscribers and weight of each middleware in the total pay TV customers of the operator allows a comprehensive analysis of middleware providers’ deals, evolution and results within countries.

Major indicators

  • Installed base and penetration by middleware
  • Market shares by country
  • Evolution of pay TV operator’s subscriber base
  • Yearly data from 2014 with 5-year forecasts

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