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Apr 2022

Addressable TV

Addressable TV advertising
The emerging addressable advertising market can now be understood and analysed by the use of Dataxis figures. The recently published module covers the metrics:
  • Number of addressable households on operator set-top boxes, by operator
  • Number of addressable households on HbbTV, by country
  • Addressable advertising revenues generated on operator set-top boxes, by advertising house
  • Addressable advertising revenues generated on HbbTV, by advertising house
Addressable TV advertising forecasts
The coverage of addressable TV advertising markets is completed with the publication of country forecasts, including:
  • Addressable TV households by operator and by country: pay TV set-top boxes and HbbTV devices
  • Revenues generated by addressable advertising: addressable pay TV, HbbTV
  • Yearly history from 2015 with 5-year forecasts

Apr 2022

Sports clubs and leagues revenues and footprint

Following the latest publication, the tracking of sports assets is strengthened by the addition of Sports clubs and leagues’ key financial indicators. The key sports rights owners can now be monitored through the following indicators:
  • Leagues and Clubs’ broadcasting and total revenues
  • Breakdown by sport such as Football, Basketball, Golf, Handball, Ice Hockey, Motorsports, Tennis or Volleyball among others
  • Yearly history from 2018

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Apr 2022

Cloud gaming subscribers and revenues

Dataxis’ coverage of gaming markets increases with the publication of the cloud gaming module, presenting a tracking of:
  • Cloud gaming direct subscribers
  • Cloud gaming B2B subscribers
  • Subscription revenues and ARPU
  • Number of active users
  • Availability on smart TV and streaming sticks

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Apr 2022

Advertising expenditures by brand

The total amount of advertising expenditures by country, with a breakdown by brand is now published on Dataxis’ database. All major actors are covered for European and North American countries. The research encompasses the following indicators:

  • Total ad spend by advertiser
  • Detail by sector (Food and beverage, automotive, telecommunications…)
  • Yearly history from 2014

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Apr 2022

OTT video services

A new module combining all OTT services can now be accessed on Dataxis’ platform. The module gathers subscribers, monthly active users and revenues available on:

  • SVOD and streaming services
  • AVOD, BVOD, FAST services
  • Transactional video: TVOD and EST/DTO

Datasets are presented yearly with a history starting in 2009.

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