Consumer Surveys

Be close to the current market trends by understanding consumer behaviours around media and telecom. Our surveys will provide with the most accurate and recent analyses of video and telecom consumption from comprehensive consumer panels.


  • Precisely measuring usage and consumption of OTT, SVOD, TV services and household equipments.
  • Initiating a regular regional survey to understand the habits of consumption patterns of the population and their evolution.
  • Providing compiled, audited and analysed survey results by Dataxis team.


5 main aspects covered:

  • Socio-demographic data

    Age, socio-professional category, sex, region, language

  • Household's equipment

    Devices at home (tablet, TV, streaming device...) and their brands

  • Pay TV Services

    Subscription and packages

  • FTA TV Consumption

    Main channels watched

  • OTT Services

    SVOD subscriptions and AVOD preferences