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Sports broadcasting and the pandemic: the 2021 review 

In Western Europe at the end-2020, the number of subscribers to premium sports channels has almost returned to its pre-covid levels. Sports broadcasters had been stripped of live programming because of the cancellation of almost all live sports events from March 2020. However, the churn and the loss in subscribers did not hit as hard as one might have expected,...

Published on: May 2021

Migration to digital TV: How is the implementation
of networks progressing in Africa?

The latest edition of Nextv Series Afrique, on March 23rd this year brought together major players of the audiovisual industries in French-speaking African countries. Top-executive speakers from the local industry shared insights on the market and discussed key topics, such as the future of local production, the importance of telcos in the development of OTT, the perspectives of growth for...

Published on: April 2021

Disney+’s kick-off in Southeast Asia: another indisputable success 

Disney+’s deployment in Southern Asia is going strong, as the streaming platform launched in India in April 2020, followed by Indonesia in September 2020 and more recently Singapore in February 2021. With approximately 30 million subscribers already (30% of all Disney+ subscribers worldwide), Disney surpassed its own provisions. Different factors can explain this success. First, Disney’s strong brand image in...

Published on: April 2021

Did América Móvil find the key to make OTT pay TV grow? 

The growth observed in OTT pay TV remains slow in Latin America. At end of 2020, this technology represents almost 1.3 million subscribers; barely 2% of the pay TV market. A review of DirecTV, Telefónica and América Móvil strategies shows the different strategies implemented to change this static situation. Low prices and alliances with SVOD OTT constitute a strong part...

Published on: February 2021

The sports media industry holds its breath as the Premier League comes to market 

The Premier League, Serie A and LaLiga should come to market for their domestic media rights in 2021. The tender results for the Premier League, always considered as a gauge of the sports broadcasting market dynamics, will be even more closely scrutinized this year, at a time of a global pandemic. The long expected drop - or at least market...

Published on: February 2021

MOLOTOV initiates its deployment in French-speaking Africa with a mobile-optimized OTT 

The French OTT distribution platform Molotov takes its first steps in Africa. After a rollout in Ivory Coast at the end of 2020, the service, which is backed by Idinvest and Xavier Niel (Free), is ready to deploy in the rest of French-speaking Africa. For the months to come, “Molotov Afrique” plans to successively launch in Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Tunisia,...

Published on: February 2021

TV markets are growing in Central Asia driven by OTT and mobile services impulses 

With a total of 77 million inhabitants, Central Asia represents a large market for telco operators. But the local political, geographical and economic contexts have been constraining the development of wireline and wireless connections over the last two decades. Looking at the evolution of TV markets in the region over the past three years, we nonetheless observe growing opportunities for...

Published on: January 2021

Telefónica accelerates its departure from Hispanic America 

Telefónica is the second largest telecommunications group in the region, by accesses and revenues. Pressured by the weight of its global debt, Telefónica will sell its assets in the nine markets grouped in Hispanic America. After nearly three years of deliberation on ways to reduce exposure, it will move forward on a country-by-country sale. Latin America has almost 90 million...

Published on: January 2021

Operators becoming aggregators: Opportunities and challenges in content distribution 

During the latest Nextv Series Europe event, Dataxis hosted a panel discussion on innovation in content distribution to discuss operators’ strategies and challenges when delivering content, and making it easily available for consumers. Indeed, the shift from linear to on-demand video consumption and the proliferation of OTT platforms over the last few years has led operators to embrace the role...

Published on: December 2020

Building an AVOD offer in Europe: Insights from major actors in the AVOD landscape 

On Tuesday, November 17th, Dataxis hosted the first day of his 2020 Nextv Series Europe event. Few months after the first release of our figures assessing the AVOD market in Europe, North America and Latin America, it was the occasion to gather some of the major actors of the European AVOD market to discuss the opportunities for content providers, the current situation...

Published on: December 2020
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