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Is Pay TV becoming a wholesale business? 

The gap between broadband and Pay TV is getting broader in Latin America. While the growth of internet users has no ceiling, that of linear video has been gradually decreasing. Between both businesses, there is already a difference of 44.3 million customers: an ocean. User interest may be lacking, but now, the fastest-growing operators do not always offer linear television....

Published on: May, 2023

US major sports leagues: can European fans boost the rejuvenation of their fanbase? 

A few weeks ago, the new Major League Soccer (MLS) season started. Besides the sports aspect, the excitement around the beginning of a new season lies in the start of the new global exclusive media rights agreements with Apple. One of the key objectives of the deal is to drive engagement and interest in the MLS. First in the US,...

Published on: May, 2023

Despite global slowdown, SVOD battle still fierce in East Asia 

In some North American and Western European territories, SVOD subscriptions seem to have reached a glass ceiling. Despite their interest in premium content, households experience SVOD fatigue and major streamers started to lose subscribers. As East Asian markets share common points with those countries – high purchasing power, multiscreen content consumption, high connectivity rates that enable large-scale streaming – alongside...

Published on: May, 2023

Bridging the connectivity gap in MENA: How can high-debit networks reach every home? 

More than a year after the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Amr Talaat, announced that 60% of Egypt’s population would be connected to fibre thanks to a $360 million additional investment, the access to the home is still not yet commercialised by internet service providers. Meanwhile, across the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia covers 60% of homes with fibre in...

Published on: May, 2023

By 2027, Starlink’s multi-regional approach could generate $16B annual revenues 

Starlink expanded rapidly: at the end of 2022, SpaceX's company had reached 1.07 million satellite broadband subscribers. Although the figure remains modest globally, it shows that in just a few months the company achieved a third of what the entire satellite broadband industry had accumulated in its entire history, at a different scale. A noteworthy fact is that the company...

Published on: May, 2023

WWE & UFC: The Striking Benefits Behind The $21B Merger 

In early April 2023, a sports industry headline made more noise than Conor McGregor in a press conference: UFC-parent company Endeavor announced its acquisition of WWE to create a new publicly listed company. Endeavor will own 51% of it while existing WWE shareholders will control the remaining 49%. Beyond the benefits that both WWE and UFC will seek by merging,...

Published on: May, 2023

Addressable TV in Europe: is the flame already fading off? 

In our last publication on the matter, we went through the status of addressable TV offers in each of European top 5 biggest advertising markets. To follow up on this and complete our overview of the segment, we will now expand our analysis to Northern, Central and Southern European markets. If the choice of deploying addressability on either HbbTV or...

Published on: April, 2023

100 million paying subscribers reached on Hotstar, Eros and Prime Video platforms in India 

In 2022 India entered the very select club of countries generating more than USD 4 billion a year across SVOD and AVOD, ranking 6th globally and 3rd in Asia-Pacific, behind China and Japan. With the consolidation of its market research offer in the country, especially towards AVOD, streaming devices, and OTT partnerships, it was time for Dataxis to take stock...

Published on: April, 2023

Pluto TV, Roku, Vix … which FAST platform offers the most exclusive catalogue in Latin America? 

As FAST platforms lately turned into a new garden of Eden for content providers to distribute their IPs on, competition is ramping up between providers trying to build the most attractive offer to meet the growing demand for tailored content. To do so, the focus had long been put on quantity over quality and the number of FAST channels available...

Published on: April, 2023

Addressable TV in Europe: where do we stand one decade after AdSmart? 

At the end of 2022, addressable TV advertising on HbbTV or on set-top boxes had been launched in just 17 countries across Europe. It came with some serious restrictions in a handful of these countries, limiting addressability to catch-up services only. Over a decade after the launch of Sky AdSmart in the UK, more than 5 years after the first...

Published on: April, 2023