Life after Linux: Evaluating next-gen STB options in 2023

Wednesday, December 14, 2022
15.00 - 16.00 GMT
1 Hour

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Our Voice of the Customer research has confirmed what TV operators want for their next-generation video delivery services. The fact remains that more time is spent viewing video on the TV than any other device. Yet, they want unified delivery of channels and apps; they want the flexibility to mix and match technology components while maintaining control of their brand and subscriber data. And of course, they want to reduce costs and improve profit margins.

Join us for a discussion on what operators need to consider as they evaluate their migration options to get what they want in 2023, including:

– Considerations for migrating from legacy platforms or deploying for the first time
– Examining the unique values of both RDK and Android TV
– Total cost of ownership – including support considerations
– How Amino supports customer sustainability goals


Jonny McKee

VP Product Management & Customer Support


Bill Hughes

Director of Product Management


Moderated By

Peggy Dau


Mad Perspectives LLC


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