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Our events bring together experts and companies to debate over the latest trends, explore new strategic opportunities and forge new partnerships.

Types of Events

Television & OTT

Nextv Series unite the leaders of TV and streaming, digital players, technology providers and the entire entertainment industry to discuss the future and the universal challenges and solutions of the OTT sector. Look beyond the customary horizon and interact with global market leaders alongside Dataxis to address the big question, “What Next?”


CTV Ad Days seeks to create opportunities where brands, media agencies, operators and technology providers exchange ideas for a more efficient usage of the TV and OTT platforms as an advertising medium. Team up with Dataxis to keep up with recent developments and explore the dichotomy of programmatic, addressable and TV advertising strategies.

Retail Media

The Retail Media Days conferences will focus on the rapidly growing landscape of advertising within online retail environments. It will delve into how established networks are innovating to maintain their edge amidst intense competition, leading to the development of new solutions and ad products. Explore how this form of advertising is reshaping the customer journey and driving higher conversion rates.


The upcoming Next Giga Connect conferences emphasise on technological shifts in the telco and media space. Addressing the future of high-speed connectivity, prospects of fixed 5G, satellite broadband, gigabit access and smart WIFI will be at the crux of Dataxis' focus.

Circular economy

Retech Days is designed to explore the role of smartphones’ refurbishment industry in promoting the circular economy, an economic paradigm that seeks to keep resources in use for as long as possible, extracting as much of their value as possible before recovering and regenerating them.

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