Market Intelligence Services

Make factual decisions based on the latest quarterly data and reliable forecasts across the broader digital and technological ecosystem.

All corporate subscriptions include unlimited users and unlimited inquiry usage, with no additional charges.

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Global coverage, local data and detailed forecasts

Since annual data is not sufficient for fast-growing and dynamic markets, we track the TV, OTT, Telecom, Media and digital industries on a quarterly basis to cover more than 50 markets, 200 countries and over 4,000 players, including Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies.

Access in-depth and significant data on the global and local industries and companies that influence your business. The Market Intelligence Platform provides key performance indicators, statistics and extensive forecasts to evaluate growth opportunities and explore potential strategies for continued success.

The market intelligence platform brings a world of information at your fingertips

To match the pace of today's ever-changing markets, data must have greater insight, clarity and instant access. Our Market Intelligence platform provides a wealth of information at your fingertips, enabling you to make business decisions with conviction and agility. Providing the vital information needed, right when you need it - that's the driving force behind our Market Intelligence platform.

Our desire to gather detailed data led us to review every reputable source of information we could find and to put in place a strong team of analysts and an efficient methodology to collect, review and update tens of thousands of data and forecasts using our powerful BI platform.

Actionable insights leveraged by our powerful BI platform

We provide powerful visual presentations, in-depth reports and advanced analytics that deliver real-time market insights, accurate data and forecasts tailored to your needs. Our BI platform simplifies raw data into an easy-to understand format. Data analysis is swift and the platform displays extensive historical data to make predictions that ultimately lead to success.

The dashboards and reports obtained from these systems help our clients make fact-based decisions regarding the markets and geographical areas to develop or sell. Instantly export any data, table or graph to Excel, PPT or PDF and customise your preferred use for business and analytical purposes.

Access to our analysts

The Dataxis support team is there to guide you regarding the navigation of our information, on our methodologies or to provide you with a better understanding of a particular data trend.

Make the most of your subscription: send us your research queries by email or via our online request platform. Our network of experienced analysts will deliver personalised answers, usually within 24 hours.

Corporate access

Dataxis Corporate Solutions offer a unique set of online services, delivered using the latest BI and data visualisation technologies. Clients can subscribe to any desired combination of products based on specific industries and regions.