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Make fact-based decisions on quarterly up-to-date
data and robust forecasts across
the technology and digital ecosystem

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Global coverage, local data and detailed forecasts

For fast growing and changing markets, annual data are not enough therefore we track quarterly the TV, Telecom and Media markets to cover more than 50 markets, 200 countries and +3000 actors including tier2 and tier3 companies.

Access deeper, more meaningful data on global and local industries and companies that impact your business. The Market Intelligence platform provides key performance indicators, in-depth statistic and forecasts to assess the growth opportunities and to explore the strategies necessary for success.

The market intelligence platform puts a world of information at your fingertips

To keep pace with today’s constantly evolving markets, data must be smarter, deeper, and instantly accessible. The new Market Intelligence platform puts a world of information at your fingertips, allowing you to make business decisions with conviction and speed. Essential information you need, when you need it. That’s the power of our single Market Intelligence platform.

That search for gathering so many detailed data led us to review every reputable source of information we could find and to set up a strong team of analysts and methodology to collect, check and update ten thousand of data and forecasts using our powerful BI platform.

Actionable insights leveraged by our powerful BI platform

Powerful visual displays, in-depth reports, and smart analytics deliver at-aglance market insights alongside the precise data and forecasts you need. Our BI platform helps in simplifying raw data into a very easily understandable format. Data analysis is fast and the platform displays past detailed data to base predictions that lead to success.

The dashboards and reports acquired from such systems help our clients make fact-based decisions, such as which markets and geographies to focus on developing or selling. Export instantly any data, tables ou graphs into excel, PPT or PDF and customize your preferred use for business and analysis purpose.

Access to our analysts

Whether you need guidance to navigate the service, information regarding our methodologies or you want to better understand a data trend, Dataxis support team is here to help.

Get the most of your subscription: send us your research inquiries via e-mail or through our online inquiry platform. Our network of experienced analysts will provide you with customized results usually within 24 hours.

Corporate access

Dataxis Corporate solutions provide a unique set of online services delivered using the latest BI and data-visualisation technology and clients can subscribe to any combination of our products by industry and region.

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