array(11) {
  object(stdClass)#5368 (2) {
    string(13) "Elisa Estonia"
    string(5) "86409"
  object(stdClass)#5359 (2) {
    string(4) "Fill"
    string(6) "530761"
  object(stdClass)#5355 (2) {
    string(13) "Home3 Estonia"
    string(5) "86864"
  object(stdClass)#5354 (2) {
    string(15) "Infonet Estonia"
    string(6) "530954"
  object(stdClass)#5353 (2) {
    string(7) "Levikom"
    string(6) "531081"
  object(stdClass)#5352 (2) {
    string(11) "STV Estonia"
    string(5) "86567"
  object(stdClass)#5351 (2) {
    string(10) "Teetormaja"
    string(6) "531768"
  object(stdClass)#5350 (2) {
    string(13) "Tele2 Estonia"
    string(5) "86820"
  object(stdClass)#5349 (2) {
    string(13) "Telia Estonia"
    string(5) "86510"
  object(stdClass)#5348 (2) {
    string(6) "Telset"
    string(6) "531843"
  object(stdClass)#5347 (2) {
    string(12) "Uus Programm"
    string(6) "532010"



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Infonet Estonia


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Infonet Estonia - Broadband actor profile

| Updated as of 2022 Q1

This report provides the most comprehensive data set in terms of market positioning and revenue development for Infonet Estonia in the broadband and telephony markets. Furthermore, we look into the future of these market providing the latest trends and tangible subscribers’ forecasts in Estonia, as well as information on Infonet Estonia’s major competitors.

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129.00 for 1 year

Infonet Estonia company profile includes up to 3-year quarterly historical and 5-year forecasts in Broadband: subscribers, revenues, ARPU, market shares, competition

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Detailed quarterly and annual data sets related to the market structure, leading companies and trends observed in the country. The future of the industry is also analyzed based on tangible forecasts completed by detailed figures, graphs and featured comparisons with the top countries.

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The most comprehensive data set in terms of market positioning and revenue development of companies in the Television, OTT, Broadband and Telephony markets including the latest trends and tangible subscribers & revenue forecasts as well as information on major competitors.

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