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800 million Asian Pacific households will have a pay TV subscription by 2025 

Although Asia Pacific is traditionally referred to as a mobile-driven region, the pandemic accelerated the importance taken by larger screens in the region, and 110 million additional pay TV subscriptions are expected to be observed in the next 5 years. As population is also expected to increase drastically, regional penetration rate will grow slowly, from 57% in 2021 to 62%...

Published on: May, 2022

Australian SVOD market expected to nearly reach 40 million subscriptions by 2026 

The Australian SVOD market has grown tremendously over the last three years, more than doubling the number of SVOD subscriptions since 2018. Despite a slowdown in 2021, the market still grows at a fast rate, and is set to reach nearly 40 million subscriptions by 2026. Over the last three years, the market's growth has been primarily driven by the...

Published on: May, 2022

Manchester City defeated in Champions but not in Money League 

Manchester City became the highest earning football club for the 2020/2021 season, according to latest Deloitte's Football Money League study. The English club generated €644.9 million of revenue, thus ranking higher than its Spanish Real Madrid and German Bayern Munich counterparts. Manchester City also overtook Barcelona, that topped last season's edition, and now places fourth. The 2020/2021 season was the...

Published on: May, 2022

OTT SVOD in Africa: 26% of subscribers choose mobile operators’ Apps 

In May 2021, Kenyan mobile operator Safaricom launched its own mobile streaming website BAZE with local and regional short videos. In the same year, Nigerian multinational telecoms company Globacom also introduced its Glo TV mobile app offering TV channels and streaming content. Airtel, Globacom, MTN, Orange, Safaricom, Vodacom are all examples of telecommunication companies deciding to become full players in...

Published on: April, 2022

Amazon Channels in Europe: a missed opportunity? 

Despite being available in Europe for almost five years, Amazon Channels remains mostly unknown in the European OTT landscape. Originally launched in May 2017 in the UK and Germany, the service experienced two waves of expansion across 2019 with France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and at the end of 2020 with Spain and Italy. Built as an add-on service for...

Published on: April, 2022

The streaming war intensifies in CEE 

What place for US services?

2022 is set to be a decisive year for streaming platforms' market expansion across Europe, with an especially busy launch calendar in Central and Eastern European markets. At the beginning of March, HBO rolled out its new streaming service HBO Max across Central Europe, where the broadcaster was already well implanted since the launch of HBO Go in the region...

Published on: March 2022

US streaming platforms ready to play their trump card with sports 

The long-awaited involvement of tech giants in the sports broadcasting market has never been this much a reality. Until now, only Amazon had been investing in premium sports properties, should it be in the US or in Western European markets, while YouTube has rather turned to be a flexible and complementary offer to traditional broadcasters' coverage. On its side, Facebook...

Published on: March 2022

Spotify paving the way to profitable podcast advertising 

On 16 February 2022, Spotify announced two more acquisitions in the podcasting business: Podsights, an advertising measurement tool, and Chartable, an analytics platform for podcast publishers. The streaming giant clearly stays on target by adding these podcast technology companies to the long list of its latest investments in podcasting. In fact, in 2019, Spotify entered the race to become the...

Published on: March 2022

Cloud gaming in Western countries: the next big revolution? 

Over the last two years, the cloud gaming market in Western countries has grown tremendously. While less than 1 million people were subscribing to a cloud gaming offer at the beginning of 2019, the market now counts 20 million cloud gaming subscribers, in Europe and North America only. Although most of the growth can be attributable to well-known established game...

Published on: March 2022

Can newcomers topple Shahid VIP, Netflix and Starz Play in MENA? 

The renewed efforts shown by an increasing number of streaming platforms to enhance their offers and step up investments in Arabic-language content and originals demonstrate their strong belief in the region’s potential. The OTT streaming market has indeed been rapidly increasing, gaining more than 30% between 2020 and 2021 and reaching close to 10 million in the 18 countries of...

Published on: March 2022
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