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Comcast still dominates the Western European pay TV, now primarily OTT 

At Q3 2022, OTT pay TV and IPTV offers crossed the 50% penetration of pay TV subscriptions mark in Western Europe, highlighting the continuous progression of OTT services and its adoption by telecom operators. Traditional premium satellite intensify their shift towards OTT Comcast still dominates the Western European pay TV market in terms of income: it generated around 31% of...

Published on: March, 2023

OTT devices: The next battlefield in the streaming war in India? 

Lagging behind SVOD and AVOD, the Indian OTT streaming devices market used to be left on the sidelines, with little investment from the traditional top players Apple, Amazon, and Google, which have been focusing on increasing their footprint through direct SVOD services such as Apple TV+ or Prime Video for instance. However, the last two years have seen a growing...

Published on: March, 2023

Rogers-Shaw merger: how could the $26B deal transform Canadian broadband? 

Three years ago, the Canadian government unveiled the Universal Broadband Fund, a $3.225B investment plan designed to provide high-speed Internet for all Canadians. Today, 93.5% of the population is covered and 100% is planned to be reached by 2030. This national connectivity gap hides another long-standing reality of the Canadian broadband market: limited competition that translates into high prices for...

Published on: March, 2023

Amid increasing competition, are East Asian pay TV operators innovative enough? 

East Asian countries share a common demographic downturn. Japan was the first country in the region to experience negative population growth, before South Korea and China reported a similar phenomenon for the first time in 2021 and 2022 respectively. As Taiwan also seems to reach its demographic peak, local pay TV operators must cope with a stagnating or even shrinking...

Published on: March, 2023

TMT vendors in 2022: acceleration in broadband, consolidation in video 

The technology, media, and telecom (TMT) suppliers' market is largely dominated by hardware manufacturers. Customer premises equipment for both home connectivity and entertainment services generated more than USD 24 billion in revenues in 2022. In terms of market positioning, a large proportion of leaders in the hardware market are commercializing both set-top boxes and broadband CPE. And an increasing share...

Published on: February, 2023

Latin American football clubs: Youtube lagging behind other social media 

Over the last decade, football clubs have waged an increasingly intensive and two-front battle. As the first and most visible one is played out before our eyes on a football field, the second, increasingly taken on by clubs, aims at building successful brands able to seduce a national and international audience. Whilst Latin American clubs manage to do this successfully...

Published on: February, 2023

Sub-Saharan Africa: The broadcasters’ race for sports rights 

Showmax Pro, Multichoice’s sports streaming subsidiary, has achieved a 111% increase in subscribers in 2022 according to the latest annual report of the firm. The South African company explains that this growth began in October 2022 when the platform announced the streaming of the entire World Cup as well as price reductions for the occasion. Sports broadcasting rights, especially football,...

Published on: February, 2023

Netflix’s slowdown: is the situation under control in Europe? 

Between the end of 2019 and 2021, three major US studios launched their own platforms in Western Europe: Disney+ (The Walt Disney Company) kicked off its service in 2019, followed by Discovery+, HBO Max (Warner Bros Discovery) and Paramount+ (Paramount Global) in 2021. While Netflix and Amazon still dominate the market in volume of subscribers, the aggregation of these four...

Published on: February, 2023

In 2022, video services revenues surpassed pay TV in Arab MENA 

The Arab MENA TV and video market have shown significant transformations over the last few years. The footprint of traditional pay TV accesses has stabilized while video streaming is skyrocketing in the region, both in value and volume. 2022 thus marks the first year where video subscription and advertising video streaming services revenues combined surpassed the pay-TV market in value....

Published on: February, 2023

The consumer cloud storage market to triple by 2030 

In 2021, Alphabet crossed the two billion active accounts landmark on its Google Drive service. Staggering on its own, this figure also emphasizes the state of maturity reached by cloud services in recent years, especially on the consumer side. While relatively new, the consumer cloud storage market has grown at a tremendous pace, embracing most of the technological transformations of...

Published on: January, 2023
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