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The consumer cloud storage market to triple by 2030 

In 2021, Alphabet crossed the two billion active accounts landmark on its Google Drive service. Staggering on its own, this figure also emphasizes the state of maturity reached by cloud services in recent years, especially on the consumer side. While relatively new, the consumer cloud storage market has grown at a tremendous pace, embracing most of the technological transformations of...

Published on: January, 2023

Despite TV OS fragmentation, Google adds 10% of market share in 3 years in Europe 

More than a year after Samsung and LG announced that they would open their own operating system to third-party TV manufacturers, the time for market consolidation has still not come in the highly competitive TVOS space. In Europe, the market is dominated by Samsung's Tizen, LG's webOS, and Google’s Android TV/Google TV. According to Dataxis' data, the latter has experienced...

Published on: January, 2023

In 2023 Latin America begins the final stage of free-to-air TV digitization 

Following the growing hurdles faced by Pay TV actors, the universe of free-to-air TV users has increased over time. Dataxis points out that in 2022, FTA channels were the main option to access TV for 50% of households equipped with a TV set in Latin America. Among this audience, 87% had access to the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) option, available...

Published on: January, 2023

In-flight connectivity: the new core differentiator for commercial aviation 

While onboard Wi-Fi has become more frequent across an increasing number of destinations, in-flight connectivity (IFC) solutions are still relatively new in the aviation industry. Over the last decade, commercial airlines have faced an increasing number of challenges: a growing competition from low-cost companies, increasing fuel prices and stagnating customer satisfaction rates – around 55% according to IATA’s pre-COVID Global...

Published on: January, 2023

Metaverse in Asia: telecom operators step up investments 

Last week, SK Telecom (SKT) and NTT Docomo, the leading mobile operators respectively in South Korea and Japan, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to team up on several aspects of their respective businesses, most notably on metaverse-related developments. Their collaboration could go as far as merging their two metaverses in the future (Ifland for SKT and XR World for NTT...

Published on: December, 2022

Fiber in Europe Top5: Germany and the UK are lagging behind, but taking action 

Fiber is increasingly taking root in the five largest European markets. Since the first quarter of 2021, 1.8 million broadband FTTx subscriptions have been taken on average each quarter to reach more than 37 million subscriptions across 146 million households at Q2 2022 in those five countries. The technology has disrupted the broadband market. Numerous private investors and investment funds...

Published on: December, 2022

At least 2 subscriptions by OTT household in Latam, but ARPUs are not improving 

At the end of 2021, a new phase of competition began in the Latin American OTT SVOD market. Three major US studios launched their platforms in the region: Disney+ & Star+ (Walt Disney Company), HBO Max (WarnerMedia Discovery), and Paramount+ (Viacom). They joined Netflix, the historical leader, and Prime Video (Amazon), the main single competitor from 2020. This consolidated a...

Published on: December, 2022

DVB-T2 in 80% of European terrestrial homes: how resilient is DTT distribution? 

As more than 90 million households, or 30% of European TV homes, still rely exclusively on free-to-air channels for their TV consumption, the ongoing evolution of DTT transmission standards could be seen as a way to rejuvenate a TV access mode which does not appear as prosperous as it was in the past, at first glance at least. Can the...

Published on: November, 2022

Fiber, satellite, drones: which technology will successfully connect African homes? 

In November 2022, Paratus Zambia, a pan-African broadband connectivity company, announced that it had signed an agreement with Meta to build 900 kilometers of fiber optic cable across 10 Zambian cities by the end of 2023. The demand for connectivity has been accelerating in Africa for several years now. Yet, the COVID-19 crisis between 2020 and 2021 has slowed the...

Published on: November, 2022

Will US sports streamers condemn linear cable advertising? 

In early September, former Disney CEO Bob Iger was the latest to predict linear TV's incoming death. If the decline of linear audiences is nothing new, TV advertising has remained stable and overcome the cord-cutting hurdles until now. Subscribers were leaving but ad money was staying. However, the acceleration of the cord-cutting trend, even hitting virtual MVPDs, added to the...

Published on: November, 2022
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