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Multichoice / Canal+
The future giant of African pay TV?

Maxime Saada, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Canal+ Group, confirmed on September 14th at a group's press conference that Bollore’s subsidiary has increased its stake in the capital of Multichoice, the leading South African pay TV operator in Africa, to reach 26.26% of the capital. The French group first took a 6.5% stake in Multichoice in October 2020...

Published on: September, 2022

By 2032 broadband lines will reach 168 million in Latam, nearly 80% fiber 

Dataxis estimates that in the next decade, broadband services will be available in 75% of homes in Latin America. The market will continue growing, but it is also expected to evolve: fiber will remain the dominant technology because it has been growing, following with new deployments, and because it also constitutes the upgrade path for DSL and cable modem providers....

Published on: September, 2022

Amazon Prime Video strikes back in Southeast Asia 

Amazon has unveiled its ambitious plan to conquer the highly coveted region: the company is to launch brand new streaming products in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. It was about time, as the figures have been all the more disappointing and competition with its rivals is fiercely increasing. Although Amazon Prime Video has been available across Southeast Asia since 2016,...

Published on: September, 2022

Despite a bad quarter, US cable still expected to maintain 50% market share by 2032 

The US broadband landscape is in a state of shock: the two biggest cable operators experienced a decrease in their number of broadband subscribers. Indeed, according to their latest financial results for the second quarter of 2022, Comcast and Charter lost respectively 10 and 40 thousand subscribers. If those losses are relatively negligible in absolute terms, especially for operators that...

Published on: September, 2022

Will AVOD overtake TV advertising in North America in the next few years? 

The last semester has witnessed a multiplication of distribution partnerships, content releases, and major announcements when it comes to the AVOD landscape. While Disney revealed last month the release date of Disney+ future ad-supported tier - on 8th December 2022, starting at $7.99 in the US –, Netflix finally announced this Spring the launch of its own AVOD offer, with...

Published on: September, 2022

OTT now represents one third of total TV subscriptions in the Nordics 

In the Nordics, the pay TV landscape has changed considerably since the introduction of OTT services. The region was a testbed for some of the most popular streaming services when they first addressed the European market, with Netflix and HBO available there since 2012 already. Ten years later, one can easily see how the early adoption of streaming services and...

Published on: September, 2022

Western Europe: are operators regaining control over content distribution? 

The Western European market is experiencing a saturation of VOD offerings caused by the launch of a growing number of platforms. The growth of traditional players is slowing down and the launch of new platforms needs to be carefully planned to attract users. OTT services need to intensify their efforts to expand their user base and above all retain them....

Published on: July 2022

A thriving cybersecurity market… for top players only? 

While Western markets were already quite mature when it comes to traditional cybersecurity solutions (with products such as antivirus, web protection, parental control), the last five years have seen a tremendous diversification in terms of services. More specific endpoint and cloud solutions focusing on personal data control such as BreachGuard from Avast, or Personal Data Cleanup from McAfee launched, following...

Published on: July 2021

Can the Avengers save the European box office? 

European cinema admissions went back to growth in 2021 with an estimated 40% increase and 580 million tickets sold, generating a €3.6 billion ($4.3 billion) box office. However, those figures remain well below the 2019 €8.3 billion ($9.3 billion) box office. A first reaction would be to blame the pandemic. After all, theaters remained closed during the beginning of 2021...

Published on: July 2022

With a 4G penetration rate of 13% in 2021, is Africa ready to leapfrog to 5G? 

On Monday 20 June 2022, MTN detailed its plan to cover at least 25% of the South African population with 5G by the end of 2022 and 60% by 2025. This confirms South Africa as the most advanced country in the Sub-Saharan region in terms of mobile broadband coverage. MTN’s projects to extend 5G to this level is a manifestation...

Published on: July 2022
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