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270 billion EUR will have been invested in fiber rollout across Western Europe by 2030 

A grand total of 270 billion EUR will be invested in rolling out full fiber connectivity across Western Europe by 2030. This year will mark the end goal of the EU’s “Digital Decade” ambition that sets a double objective: all European households covered by a Gigabit network, and all populated areas covered by 5G. The peak of yearly investment will...

Published on: September, 2023

MercadoLibre comes to AVOD with all the attributes needed to become a major player 

MercadoLibre (MELI) is one of the largest digital marketplaces in Latin America. In 2023, MELI will have more than 100 million online users. It has a strong regional presence in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina, which together account for more than 80% of its total visits. This growing audience has also allowed it to become a relevant player in the advertising...

Published on: 2023

Are homegrown CEE’s OTT about to reach their finest hour? 

Central European OTT platforms have experienced rapid growth in recent quarters, especially a handful of homegrown services that have recently rebranded their interfaces or reshaped their strategies and business models to attract new users. A shift is starting in the region, where global OTT players like Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video are being increasingly challenged. In some markets,...

Published on: September, 2023

OTT in Africa: can mobile operators transform their 550M internet users into streamers? 

On August 3 2023, the American streaming platform Disney+ launched a mobile plan in partnership with MTN in Africa, giving access to the entire Mickey Mouse catalog on top of data plans. Internet connectivity remains one of the main obstacles to the full adoption of OTT in Sub-Saharan Africa. By partnering with mobile operators, platforms can offer packages that include...

Published on: September, 2023

Fiber in Brazil: the consolidation process continues 

The merger between Vero and Americanet announced to the market in early July could result in the country's largest independent telecommunications provider, with around 1.9 million revenue-generating units (RGU), taking into account 1.4m fiber customers, particularly strong in the south and southeast of Brazil. Regional providers have played a big role in fiber expansion to reach areas that the biggest...

Published on: September, 2023

Connected TVs: can Google replicate the takeover of mobile OS on the TV screen? 

Despite the rising amount of devices available to watch video content, TV sets continue to draw the largest audiences in European homes. The devices are becoming even more strategic with the rise of CTV advertising opportunities, and the possibility to create substantial ad revenues through TV interfaces. In this context the battle taking place to control Smart TV platforms presents...

Published on: August,2023

Comcast, always SMART-er and FAST-er 

Mid-July 2023, Comcast announced that it would start implementing Full-Duplex Docsis 4.0 to its first customers in the last quarter of the year. Can this network upgrade, and therefore the promise of multi-gig symmetrical speeds, really help the cable operator to regain traction in a saturated broadband market? Connectivity is king With the decline of its linear video business over...

Published on: July, 2023

FAST vs over-the-air broadcast: The unexpected battle of free content in the US? 

SVOD platforms introducing ad tiers seem to have become an industry standard. Netflix launched its Basic with ads for $6.99 in late 2022 while Prime Video has been reported to consider it. Among the reasons involved for such roll-outs was the consumers’ growing reluctance to keep spending as much as they used to for content. In the US, the rise...

Published on: July, 2023

Debunking OTT advertising: what is the actual value of CTV ads in Europe top 5? 

CTV advertising will generate an estimated 2 billion EUR in revenues in Europe top 5 markets in 2023, a 34% increase from the previous year. The growth of CTV advertising revenues is expected to be more than 2.7 times faster than the overall revenue growth of non-CTV advertising generated by OTT video platforms for 2023. CTV advertising is expected to...

Published on: July, 2023

TikTok: from economic boom to judicial doom? 

After several prosperous years in terms of growth, TikTok appears to be caught up by legislation all around the globe following a growing number of claims regarding the risks posed by the platform for its users, and for the countries’ national security. In a 180 pages report released on July 6th, the French Senate urges the State to ban the...

Published on: July, 2023