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Ad-tiers arrive in Latin America but only focus on Brazil and Mexico 

The OTT market in Latin America is undergoing a profound transformation. A new segmentation of subscription plans has arrived, with cheaper options that seek to win new customers and complete a new growth cycle. The cheaper plans include advertising as a source of income to compensate for the price reduction. Netflix has already some experience in Latin America with that...

Published on: May, 2024

YouTube, FAST, Netflix: Who Rules the Kids’ Content Playground in the US? 

Between 2014 and 2023, even the most famous children's TV Networks lost subscribers. Take Nickelodeon for instance, whose flagship channel’s subscriber count decreased by 14% - while the figure dropped to -27% for Disney Channel. Obviously, the steady decline of Cable TV is nothing new, and such drops could also be explained by the transfer of the best content from...

Published on: May, 2024

Will OTT libraries prioritise local content in Latin America? 

Netflix reportedly invested $50m USD to adapt the classic Colombian novel Cien años de soledad of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which will be released on the platform in 2024. The streamer has been investing more and more outside of the US in the last few years.  Conversely, Paramount Global and Warner Bros. Discovery have recently reevaluated their international commissioning strategies, pivoting...

Published on: May 2024

TikTok, X: what lies behind social media’s attempts to conquer the big screen 

X confirmed last week its intention to provide its video App on the living room screens. This announcement comes at a moment when TikTok also multiplies partnerships with TV operating systems (TVOS) to expand its reach beyond the handheld devices and reach the wider demographic installed in front of the TV sets. If Youtube managed to secure a solid spot...

Published on: April, 2024

Super Apps and 5G to boost video streaming in Arabic markets? 

In February 2024, Yango announced the launch of Yango Play, an extensive entertainment super app now available in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Egypt. A few months prior, in November 2023, Orange introduced its Max It Super App, which brings together My Orange, Orange Money and, soon, an entertainment and content service. The multiplication of streaming platforms...

Published on: April, 2024

From quantity to quality: how the European FAST landscape evolves towards maturity 

The European FAST market has experienced significant growth in recent years and has reached new heights in the last year. Pluto TV nearly tripled its channel lineup since 2021, while LG Channels and Samsung TV Plus surpassed the milestone of 500 unique active FAST channels across Europe by the end of 2023, compared to 366 and 286 respectively at the...

Published on: April, 2024

The TVOS market shows little signs of consolidation 

The time for market consolidation has still not come in the highly competitive TVOS space, with new actors joining the party over the last quarters. In Europe, the market is dominated by Google’s Android TV/Google TV and Samsung’s Tizen. The latter relies on Samsung’s position as the number one TV brand, while the latter benefits from its numerous partnerships with...

Published on: April, 2024

Multi-gig LAN ports and Wi-Fi 7: next-generation broadband CPE are entering European homes 

With a growing number of European operators advertising multi-gig internet plans, a new generation of broadband CPE has to roll out across consumers’ homes to enable these 2Gbps, 5Gbps and even 10Gbps services. Gateways need to support faster connectivity, heavier applications and a rapidly growing number of connected devices in each home. Meanwhile, as fiber infrastructure rollout progresses across Europe...

Published on: April, 2024

YouTube and TikTok as undisputed champions of OTT advertising in a highly fragmented European market 

In Europe, the OTT market is reaching a pivotal point this year. The whole industry is expected to weigh EUR 39 billion in 2024, and video advertising is the growth motor of the sector. By 2025, advertising revenues will represent over 40% of the market in value, a 4.5-point increase compared to 2023.  With Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video’s ad-tiers...

Published on: April, 2024

From 5G to 6G in Asia, an embodiment of China’s rise amidst Japan’s decline 

On March 1st, Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida validated the scrapping of the so-called “NTT law” in 2025. This law contains all rules applying to telecommunications operator NTT, which used to be  wholly state-owned. Among them stands the obligation for the company to disclose its R&D results, which hinders its global competitiveness. Indeed, NTT bets hard on its Innovative Optical and...

Published on: March 2024