Despite TV OS fragmentation, Google adds 10% of market share in 3 years in Europe

More than a year after Samsung and LG announced that they would open their own operating system to third-party TV manufacturers, the time for market consolidation has still not come in the highly competitive TVOS space.

In Europe, the market is dominated by Samsung's Tizen, LG's webOS, and Google’s Android TV/Google TV. According to Dataxis' data, the latter has experienced the largest growth in 2022 and 2021, and the trend is expected to continue in 2023. But the market does not lack challengers, already existing or new ones.

Roku, has yet to consolidate its position in the Smart TV-only market outside North America. The long-awaited expansion in Europe finally became a reality end of 2021, with the launch of Roku-powered TCL TV sets in the UK. Germany followed a few weeks ago, through licensing agreements with Metz Blue and TCL. Roku seems willing to take the next step further in the TVOS market since it just announced it would launch its own Roku-built Smart TVs this year. But it should be limited to the North American market for now, just like Amazon did last year.

On its side, TiVo looks inclined to join the party. Xperi’s subsidiary will license its TiVo OS to third-party TV makers like Vestel, Telefunken or JVC, and has reached an agreement to integrate its software into Amlogic chipsets. Both deals aim at releasing TV sets in several European countries.

Vidaa also increased its market share in 2022, with a strong presence in the top 5 European markets, and a fast growth in Eastern Europe. In 2023, Hisense’s subsidiary will quite amusingly follow the exact reverse way of the likes of Roku, Amazon, or Comcast: looking at conquering the US market, now it has established its position in other regions of the world.

2023 will also witness the launch of Comcast-built Sky Glass TVs in Germany, after the UK and Italy over the last months. While the top 3 are well established, challengers are lining up at the European Smart TVs market’s open door.

Guillaume Perrin | Senior Analyst at Dataxis

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