Lowering content protection costs with castLabs and Google’s Widevine CAS

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
10:00 AM CDM /12:00 PM ARG (GMT-3)
1 hour

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Discussion Topics

One of the most critical aspects of any digital pay-TV operation is the selection and deployment of a robust conditional access system (CAS) for content protection. But buying a CAS typically adds a significant expense to total capex costs faced by an operator. However, a radically new approach is emerging thanks to cloud-based CAS technology developed by Google and optimized by castLabs with their DRMtoday solution.

Join us for an insightful session to discover the surprising benefits of switching from conventional to Widevine CAS technology.

Main topics:

  • What exactly is Google’s Widevine CAS?
  • What are its advantages compared to conventional CAS?
  • Steps to switching to the new technology, and vendors
  • How can both systems be supported in a hybrid offering?


Raúl Antillón

Sales Manager LATAM


Guillermo Martinez

Strategic Partner Development Android TV


Ryan Lewis

Business Development Widevine


Moderated By

Juan Pablo Conti

Content & Audience Development Manager Americas


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