January 2019

Mirada Whitepaper: Embracing the BYOD revolution: A complete guide for pay TV operators

This whitepaper delves into the world of bring-your-own-device which is currently turning the pay TV industry upside down, and provides a complete guide for operators looking to embrace this new trend as a way to regain the lost ground in a kingdom of which they were one King.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how to:

  • Keep up with ever-changing technologies, consumption and competition
  • Tackle the complexities, risks and challenges that nobody talks about
  • Replicate the success of SVoD services across any existing pay TV business
  • Turn the threat of device disruption into a whole world of opportunities
  • Maximise ROI of a next-generation service that truly offers content everywhere

November 2018

Mirada Whitepaper: Winning over the youngest audience

This whitepaper will help you get to grips with the true digital natives, Generation Touch, and show how to create a safe and child-friendly environment, which will not only win over the hearts of your youngest audience, but also boost your return on investment in kids’ content, put you ahead of competitors and guarantee loyal, long-term customers.

Along the way, you will learn about:

  • The birth of the tactile tribe and their influence within the household
  • Redefining how content is consumed with a unique product offering
  • Tackling two targets: satisfying the demands of kids who use and parents who approve
  • Reconquering lost territories to improve content monetisation