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Media Market Watch 2022 report for Africa

A Complete Guide to TV Opportunities for Programmers in Africa

Are you ready to expand your audience reach? Don't miss out on the opportunities that the diverse television market in Africa has to offer. Africa is one of the fastest growing TV markets in the world. With a population of 1.2...

Go big or stay small?

Why the Smart TV experience is essential for online streaming services

Today, online video streaming services are an essential part of all our lives. Viewers expect access to vast libraries of content at the touch of a button, and whilst many may watch on mobile devices, it doesn’t match the big-screen...

Safeguarding quality of service and maintaining customer retention

Safeguarding quality of service and maintaining customer satisfaction for pay TV operators

Dataxis market survey on video distribution and operators' practices

To meet the changing needs of customers, ensure a high quality of service and differentiate from the growing competition, while keeping costs under control, TV service providers are increasingly compelled to make strategic operational choices.

In this...

Conviva’s State of Streaming Q3 2021

conviva 530x200 1

Conviva’s State of Streaming Q3 2021

Given that streaming is up 266% over the past three years and so many people predicted the pandemic lockdown period to be the pinnacle, it’s almost inconceivable that it continued to grow this quarter, up 21% over Q3 2020. Not...


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Penthera Latest Streaming and Advertising Insights

OTT video is gaining serious steam in Latin America, as more viewers across the region cut the cord and watch online streaming video. Penthera’s 2021 Latin American survey is a comprehensive report of attitudes and behaviors towards streaming, mobile video...