New Postproduction Tools Equip Workflows for HDR & 4K Surge

Jul 2020
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Telestream Smooths Quality Tools Adaptation to New Era in Viewing Experience

Video post-production teams face challenges posed by new dynamics in coloration, luminance, and pixel density which can only be met with the aid of quality management tools that have been designed for the tasks at hand.

The most far-reaching changes involve content formatted to various high dynamic range (HDR) and HDR-related wide colour gamut (WCG) templates. These create an array of complexities that need to be addressed with attention at new levels of frame-to-frame and in-frame granularity.

With 8K UHD sets now in commercial production and more extraordinary advances in display technology on the horizon, new challenges will arise. Toolsets acquired to meet current quality-assurance requirements should be designed for upgradeable adaptations to future needs.

The paper explores how the changes in display technology impact content strategies and the implications for post production processes. Additionally, the paper provides how Telestream enables post-production professionals to address these challenges.

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